Qualitative Research Resources

Resources for Qualitative Research in Nursing

  • Cochrane Qualitative Research Methods Group

    CQRM’s focus is on methods and processes involved in the synthesis of qualitative evidence and the integration of qualitative evidence with Cochrane intervention reviews of effects. Their purpose is to advise Cochrane and its network of people on policy and practice and qualitative evidence synthesis, develop and maintain methodological guidance, and provide training to those undertaking Cochrane reviews.

  • Consortium on Qualitative Research Methods from Syracuse University

    CQRM promotes the development, dissemination, and use of qualitative research methods in the social sciences. Our activities include an annual training institute (IQMR), which has been attended (to date) by well over two thousand graduate students and faculty.

  • International Institute for Qualitative Methodology from the University of Alberta

    The International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (IIQM) is an interdisciplinary institute based at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but serving qualitative researchers around the world.IIQM was founded in 1998, with the primary goal of facilitating the development of qualitative research methods across a wide variety of academic disciplines.

  • The JBI Approach to Quantitative Synthesis