Using Embedded Tools in LibGuides

Both Bootstrap 3.3.0 and Font Awesome 4.7.0 are built-in to LibGuides. These are the versions as of March, 2021.


Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework that helps users create responsive, device-friendly websites. As of March, 2021, version 3.3.0 is built in to the LibGuides and LibGuides CMS platforms. LibGuides content creators can use components or a Bootstrap grid or table by using the appropriate HTML in their source code.

Of particular interest are the Components, which are template-based snippets of code that can be inserted into the HTML of LibGuides. To use, view the source code of any rich text/HTML element and paste the component you wish to use.

The Grid System can help you break up the content of your LibGuide into mobile friendly layouts.

While LibGuides offers multiple Bootstrap-styled Tables, there are additional table designs that you can incorporate into LibGuides. Remember that as a user experience best practice, Tables should not be used for layout reasons, but instead for the display of data.

Bootstrap Features Useful for LibGuides

  • Grid Systems allow content creators to create a responsive layout that scales depending on the viewing device
  • Tables

Bootstrap Components Useful for LibGuides

Responsive Design

Bootstrap allows for Responsive Images and Responsive Embeds for media. This allows your selected images and videos to scale with the size of the device instead of remain at a fixed-width.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome provides vector icons for a variety of commonly recognized meanings and tasks. Font Awesome icons were originally designed to be used with Bootstrap, so they interact well together. Finally, Font Awesome icons are designed to be screen reader-friendly, and can be used as decorative elements or with semantic or interactive purposes (Font Awesome, n.d.). LibGuides content creators can call on Font Awesome icons from their source code.