Using Open Source Tools in LibGuides

Google Fonts

Google’s open source fonts can be included in the Custom JS/CSS section of Admin > Look & Feel so that LibGuides content creators and administrators can use a variety of fonts.

Include the font file in the head of your HTML and it will be automatically downloaded.


  1. Select the font you wish to use.
  2. Click on “+ Select this style”.
  3. Copy the code for link into the head of your HTML within your Custom JS/CSS in LibGuides.
  4. When you wish to employ the font, use the CSS rules to specifiy families provided in the Google Fonts selection menu (the same page where you copied the link code).


Academicons are specialized open source icons for academia. It was originally built as a supplement to Font Awesome, so the two sets of icons work well together. You can style the icons using Font Awesome CSS. Instructions for using them in sites are at the bottom of the Academicons page.