Search Filters

Please note that none of my posted searches have been validated. They are for you to use and adapt.

Search Tools

  • 2Dsearch: 2Dsearch is a radical alternative to conventional ‘advanced search’. Instead of entering Boolean strings into one-dimensional search boxes, queries are formulated by combining objects on a two-dimensional canvas. This eliminates syntax errors, makes the query semantics more transparent, and offers a more effective way to optimize, save and share search strategies.
  • BioReader: BioReader can help you distill your reading list by ranking articles by relevance. Simply collect the PubMed IDs of a number of articles you found relevant and a similar number of articles not relevant to you. BioReader will provide you with a ranked reading list to limit the time wasted on reading irrelevant literature.
  • Medrxivr: Medxrivr allows you to perform advanced search and batch export in Medrxiv. Documentation available at Github.
  • MeSH Browser: MeSH Browser shows you your preferred MeSH term, its permitted subheadings, related concepts, and tree structure.
  • MeSH on Demand: MeSH on Demand allows users to enter text from a paragraph or abstract and return related MeSH terms.
  • PubReMiner: PubReMiner will query PubMed with your specified search query, get all abstracts and generate frequency tables.
  • PubVenn: PubVenn enables you to explore PubMed using venn diagrams.

Search Translating Tools

  • MEDLINE Transpose: MEDLINE Transpose was developed to mitigate a common problem among information specialists: converting search syntax between PubMed and Ovid MEDLINE interfaces.
  • Polyglot Search via SR Accelerator: The IEBH SR-Accelerator is a suite of tools to speed up steps in the Systematic Review (SR) process. It is freely available for anyone in the world to use. Simply register below with your name and email address. The SRA is a modular design which means the tools can be incorporated into existing SR workflows and combined with other automation tools.

The content of this guide was originally created by me for the Welch Medical Library Search Filters Internal Guide at Johns Hopkins University.