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“deglutition disorders”[mesh:noexp] OR “language therapy”[mesh] OR “myofunctional therapy”[mesh] OR “rehabilitation of speech and language disorders”[mesh] OR “speech-language pathology”[mesh] OR “speech therapy”[mesh] OR “speech, alaryngeal”[mesh] OR “speech, esophageal”[mesh] OR “voice training”[mesh]


deglutition OR deglutitive OR dysphagia OR dysphagic OR dysphagics OR language rehab OR language rehabilitation OR language therapy OR language therapies OR odynophagia OR odynophagias OR odynophagic OR odynophagics OR presbyphagia OR presbyphagias OR presbyphagic OR presbyphagics OR speech language pathology OR speech language pathologies OR speech language pathologist OR speech language pathologists OR speech pathology OR speech pathologies OR language pathology OR language pathologies OR speech therapy OR speech therapies OR speech rehab OR speech rehabilitation OR swallow OR swallows OR swallowing OR vocal training OR vocal therapy OR vocal therapies OR vocal rehabilitation OR voice training OR voice therapy OR voice therapies OR voice rehabilitation