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“bicycling”[mesh] OR “critical care outcomes”[mesh] OR “dependent ambulation”[mesh] OR “early ambulation”[mesh] OR “early goal-directed therapy”[mesh] OR “exercise therapy”[mesh] OR “exercise”[mesh] OR “locomotion”[mesh] OR “motor activity”[mesh] OR “occupational therapy department, hospital”[mesh] OR “occupational therapy”[mesh] OR “physical and rehabilitation medicine”[mesh] OR “physical therapy department, hospital”[mesh] OR “rehabilitation nursing”[mesh] OR “rehabilitation of speech and language disorders”[mesh] OR “rehabilitation”[mesh] OR “rehabilitation”[sh] OR “speech-language pathology”[mesh] OR “stair climbing”[mesh] OR “walking”[mesh]


AAC OR accelerated ambulation OR activities of daily living OR ADL OR ADLs OR alternative communication OR ambulate OR ambulation OR augmentative communication OR bicycl* OR bicycling OR bike OR biking OR communication aid OR communication aids OR communication board OR communication boards OR cycle OR cycling OR diaries OR diary OR early goal directed therapies OR early goal directed therapy OR ergometer OR ergometers OR ergometries OR ergometry OR exercise OR exercising OR functional recovery OR functional status OR mobilisation OR mobilise OR mobility OR mobilization OR mobilize OR motor activity OR occupational therapies OR occupational therapist OR occupational therapists OR occupational therapy OR physical activity OR physical therapies OR physical therapist OR physical therapists OR physical therapy OR physiotherap* OR PICS OR post intensive care syndrome OR rehab OR rehabilitation OR rehabilitative OR speech language OR speech pathologist OR speech pathologists OR speech pathology OR speech therapy OR stair climbing OR strength OR treadmill OR treadmills OR walking