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Controlled Vocabulary


“bisexuality”[mesh] OR “health services for transgender persons”[mesh] OR “homosexuality”[mesh] OR “homosexuality, male”[mesh] OR “homosexuality, female”[mesh] OR “intersex persons”[mesh] OR “sexual and gender minorities”[mesh] OR “transgender persons”[mesh] OR “transsexualism”[mesh]


agender* OR allosexual* OR androgyn* OR androsexual* OR asexual* OR bigender* OR bisexual* OR cis OR cisgender* OR cismale OR cisfemale OR demisexual* OR f2m OR FTM OR f to m OR female to male OR gay OR gender minorit* OR gender nonconforming OR gender minority OR gynosexual* OR hermaphrod* OR homosexual* OR intergender* OR inter gender* OR intersex* OR LBG OR LBGT OR LBGTQ OR LBGTQIA OR LGB OR LGBT OR LBGTQ OR LBGTQIA OR lesbian* OR m2f OR MTF OR M to F OR male to female OR monoamorous OR monosexual* OR nonbinary OR non binary OR pangender* OR pansexual* OR polyamorous OR polysexual* OR queer* OR sexual minorit* OR trans OR transgender* OR transsexual* OR trans gender OR transmasculin* OR transfeminin* OR trans sexual* OR trans masculin* OR trans feminin*